Subway Restaurant Menu: Healthy Fast Food Options

The Subway restaurant has the most delightful and informative menu of any restaurant around. The breads are baked fresh 3-4 times daily, the meat is sliced fresh daily and the vegetables are chopped daily. You have a choice between the six and twelve inch sub sandwiches fixed any way that you desire and you can stand at the counter and watch them make it to your specifications. If you are trying to cut calories, the Subway restaurant menu has the amount of calories in each component posted right on the wall.

The Subway restaurants are kept clean and tidy and the employees are friendly and eager to help you. And sandwiches are not the only items on the Subway menu either. For those who are vegetarians, there are also soups and salads available too. If you are not one of the diet conscious customers, there are also baked potato chips and cookies that you can indulge in to top off your meal.

Most customers, though, are looking more for a tasty meal that that will help them to loose weight. This is the basis for the Subway restaurant menu diet. And people are actually dropping pounds on this too. Each and every component of their sandwiches are carefully monitored by the customer, who is able to watch the sandwich being put together. Calories are carefully watched, even the measurements of the dressings is scrutinized by the customers. The Subway restaurant menu diet, which is gaining in popularity, plus an increase in exercise is helping to fight the growing problem of obesity.

The meats on the Subway restaurant menu includes tuna, meatball, spicy Italian, BLT, cold cut combos, roast beef and many more. Some of these have a higher calorie count than others, of course, but with the calorie counter you can make healthier choices from the lineup. The bread varieties provided fresh daily are astounding. Italian herb and cheese, honey oat, flat bread are just some of the choices available. For those that are dieters, there are also fresh baked deli rolls which have a much lower calorie count. There are even three or four different cheeses to choose from as well as more than four different dressings too.

For the morning diners, there is now a breakfast menu which includes ham, bacon, eggs and cheese. Eating on the go in a healthy manner has never been so easy as it is with the Subway restaurant menu. If you are planning a party, consider the Subway catering service which has the same selection as what you see inside the restaurant. For everything from black tie dinners to football tailgate parties, Subway catering is a growing choice. Be sure and call 24 hours in advance for this service. Subway also provides take home menus so that you can place your order ahead of time for at home eating.

Subway restaurant menus have definitely set a new standard as far as “fast food” dining. You can eat out and eat healthy as well.

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