Subway Drinks Menu 2024 (May)

We have updated list of Subway Drinks Menu prices below, So if you are looking for new price list or about price idea of Subway Drinks then check out our list below. But keep in mind that, this price list is not correct for everyone, Subway menu price may vary by location.

Subway Drinks Menu

Fountain Drinks (S Size)$2.39
Fountain Drinks (M Size)$2.69
Fountain Drinks (L Size)$2.99
Chocolate Milk$1.99
Coca-Cola® Classic$2.49
Dasani® Water$2.19
Diet Coke®$2.49
Gatorade® Cool Blue$2.49
Gatorade® Fruit Punch$2.49
Honest Kids® Super Fruit Punch$1.60
Simply Lemonade®$2.49
Simply Orange®$2.49
vitamin water® XXX$2.49
1% Low Fat Milk$1.99
Gold Peak® Sweet Tea$2.49
Coke Zero Sugar®$2.49
Fanta® Orange$2.49
Monster Energy® Green$2.89
Monster Energy® Zero Ultra$2.89
Vitaminwater Power-C$2.49

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